Chief Still Waiting To See FNUC Report

Thursday, February 12, 2009 at 13:27



A Saskatchewan chief says leaders at the First Nations University of Canada must look for technical solutions to solve the problems facing the school.


Cameron Watson of the Chacachas First Nation argues political manoeuvring hasn’t gotten the school anywhere when it comes to addressing its governance, declining enrolment and finances.


Watson also says he and other leaders still haven’t seen a long-term strategic plan that was recently compiled for the university.


He says he would also like the report’s authors to talk about their paper at next Thursday’s special chiefs assembly in Prince Albert.


Meanwhile, the FSIN vice-chief responsible for education says a meeting with the Canadian Association of University Teachers will take place soon.


Lyle Whitefish spoke yesterday at the FSIN winter legislative assembly on the Whitecap Dakota First Nation about the impasse between the FNUC and the association.


CAUT has censured the university, meaning it is warning teachers to stay away from the FNUC altogether.


Whitefish says the FSIN wants to talk with the association about its decision.