Chief Responds to Lawsuit Allegations

Tuesday, September 28, 2004 at 15:05



A lawsuit alleging a misuse of funds at a northern reserve is likely just a misunderstanding, according to the band’s chief.


Guy Lariviere of the Canoe Lake Cree Nation says he only just recently got his hands on the statement of claim.


However, the chief says he believes the current trustees who filed it are basing it on vague misrepresentations of what happened two years ago.


The lawsuit alleges over three million dollars of TLE money was carelessly handed out to 780 band members in 2002.


It also states the dispersal was prohibited under the terms of the entitlement agreement and the lawyer working for the band failed to provide sound legal advice.


Lariviere says money was handed out, but only to groups and individuals that stood to be affected by a land purchase.


Lariviere and at least five other individuals are named in the suit, which was filed in a Saskatoon court.


The chief believes the matter will be cleared up eventually.