Chief One Arrow Back Home

Wednesday, August 29, 2007 at 15:57



The original chief of the One Arrow First Nation was laid to rest on his home reserve yesterday, more than 120 years after his death.


Band members, elders and other dignitaries paid homage to the late leader, who was brought to the First Nation from a cemetery in Winnipeg.


Chief One Arrow’s body was taken by horse cart to a burial site on the reserve.


Numerous pipe ceremonies were held to honour the leader, as well as a feast and several speeches.


FSIN Chief Lawrence Joseph praised band members for their dedication and perseverance in getting their leader home.


Chief Dwayne Paul says he can’t believe it took so long for the government to agree to let One Arrow’s body return home.


An elder at the reserve says it is a relief to see One Arrow returned to his home community.


He notes the Winnipeg cemetery where the chief was buried was loosely organized with bodies placed everywhere.