Chief of Displaced Band Unhappy with INAC

Tuesday, September 07, 2004 at 14:52



The chief of the John Cochrane First Nation claims officials with Indian Affairs in Ottawa are not providing him with the information he needs.


John Dorion says documents and records he needs to get his band reinstated are in the possession of INAC, but they won’t let him access them.


Dorion says his band is also being denied resource dollars because they aren’t recognized as a First Nation.


Dorion says he doesn’t see the logic in the department’s argument. As he sees it, it was the government that failed to honour the treaty his group signed in the first place.


Dorion adds his people have held bake sales and other fundraisers to try and gain the necessary dollars for needed research.


Dorion has retained a private consultant out of Regina to work on the case.