Chief of Displaced Band Puts Hope in Martin

Tuesday, April 27, 2004 at 13:33



The chief of the John Cochrane First Nation says he’s encouraged by a recent conversation he had with Prime Minister Paul Martin.


Dorion says John Cochrane band members lost their land when the government amalgamated them with several other groups near Cumberland House.


Since that time a handful of First Nations have received land settlements, but John Cochrane has been left out.


Dorion says he and others have been fighting for decades to get their land returned to them.


He says the issue was revisited at a recent dinner he attended at 24 Sussex Drive, where a parliamentary secretary was appointed to deal with the matter.


Dorion says that should help speed up the process significantly.


Dorion says he also used the occasion to remind Martin of a pledge he made earlier this year to help reinstate bands that have lost their land.