Chief Mulling Over LLRIB Election Appeals

Monday, May 26, 2008 at 16:26



Hearings have come to a close in Prince Albert as a chief considers appeals from candidates in the latest election for the Lac La Ronge Indian Band.


On Friday, Lucky Man Chief Pauline Okemow heard submissions from Keith Mirasty and John Halkett.


Mirasty is challenging Halkett’s election victory on the Little Red River reserve on the basis of two objections.


For one, he says Halkett should not receive contracts for grader work he does on the reserve.


Mirasty says too many fellow band members are unemployed, and a provision in the election act guards against so-called “double-dipping”.


Secondly, Mirasty maintains Halkett incorrectly filled out a form when putting his name forward for election.


For his part, Halkett says he has tried to get other members to do grader work for him, but has gone through four operators in the last nine years.


He says he is presently trying to train another person, but adds if someone needs towing — or a freak storm hits — he will do what he must to keep the roads clear on the reserve.


He also denies lying on the form for the election — saying an assault charge against him has been dealt with, and he and his nephew have made up.


Meantime, appeals also proceeded against band councillor Larry Roberts by two people — Irwin Hennie and Hilliard Mirasty.


That process hit an early snag when Roberts objected to the way the appeal was being carried out by Okemow.


He said he didn’t know why a lawyer was being allowed to ask questions of the chief electoral officer, arguing that it went against traditional practice.


Okemow told Mirasty the appeal was being carried out as fairly as possible.


The chief’s decisions are expected sometime this week.