Chartier Told He Is No Longer MNC President

Thursday, August 02, 2007 at 16:44



A leadership struggle is unfolding at the Metis National Council.


President Clem Chartier has been told by four presidents of MNC provincial branches that he is no longer president.


An MNC news release says Metis Nation of B-C president Bruce Dumont is taking over on an interim basis until an election for president is held in mid-October.


Chartier says the four governors — including newly-elected MNS president Robert Doucette — passed an illegal motion earlier this week to remove him.


Doucette has not been immediately available for comment — but has said in the past that a motion last year to extend Chartier’s term another year was invalid.


Chartier insists only a Metis national assembly can remove a president — and he may take the issue to the courts.


The Manitoba Metis Federation is the only MNC branch organization that still recognizes Chartier as president.