Census Confirms Rapid Growth Of Native Population

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 at 16:09



Figures from the 2006 Census released today indicate Canada’s Aboriginal population is exploding.


Statistics Canada says 1,172,785 Canadians identified themselves as Aboriginal in the census, compared to 976,305 who did in 2001.


The 2006 figure is roughly 45% more than what was seen in the 1996 Census.


The Metis population is growing much faster than other Aboriginal groups.


In 2006, the Metis population for Canada was estimated at almost 390,000, which is just under twice the number recorded in 1996.


The agency says the jump can be explained by the fact that more people of mixed ancestry are coming forward to identify themselves as Aboriginal.


Stats Can also says a greater census participation rate by Aboriginal people, and a higher birth in the Aboriginal population compared to the non-Aboriginal population are other factors.


The census also found that 72.1% of the country’s off-reserve Aboriginal population lives in urban centres.