Celluci Set to Tour McArthur River Mine

Tuesday, September 28, 2004 at 15:29



The US ambassador to Canada will be given a tour of the McArthur River uranium mine tomorrow.


Paul Celluci is reportedly well aware that Saskatchewan produces 30 per cent of the world’s uranium.


The news of Celluci’s interst does not come as a surprise to Cameco spokesman Jamie McIntyre.


McIntyre says it makes sense, given the fact the US gets one-tenth of its electricity from uranium provided by Cameco.


McIntyre also points out it’s no secret the Americans are becoming increasingly interested in a secure energy source.


Celluci’s stop in McArthur River comes during a 3-day visit to Saskatchewan.


Meanwhile, Churchill River MP Jeremy Harrison and several of his colleagues got their own look at the mine last week.


Harrison and 7 other members of the Conservative Party caucus were invited to tour the site of the world’s richest uranium deposit.


Harrison says the flight up to the minesite gave the other MPs a good look at the sheer size of the North and the infrastructure challenges that come with that.


Harrison says one of the things that government can do to support the growth of the uranium industry is cut down the time it takes for proposed mines to gain regulatory approval.