Case Closed Over Remains Found Under Forest Centre

Wednesday, November 30, 2005 at 15:07



A final report about the bodies discovered near the Saskatchewan Forest Centre in Prince Albert has been completed.


A total of 21 sets of human remains were discovered at the site last year.


Officials estimate 12 of those were of Aboriginal ancestry, and many of them were children.


Jim Finnegan of Western Heritage Services says scientists determined those remains were of Aboriginal people by the way incisor teeth in their mouths differed from the rest.


However, Finnegan says there is no way to differentiate between First Nations people and Metis through this method.


He says a copy of the findings has been sent to the Prince Albert Grand Council for their review, as well as the city of Prince Albert.


He feels his group has done its best to answer questions about the bodies and he considers the matter pretty much over.


All of the bodies have now been re-buried at a cemetery in Prince Albert.