Carriere Trial Continues

Thursday, January 12, 2006 at 14:25



More questions are expected to be asked today about the alleged conduct of a former high-ranking government director.


56-year-old Murdoch Carriere stands charged of assaulting four women, two of them sexually, during his time as director of the province’s forest fire protection branch.


Court heard lengthy testimony yesterday from one complainant who claims Carriere kissed her repeatedly during their time in the department together.


She also testified he approached her from behind once, put his arms across her chest, and told her he had people in high places.


The woman — who broke down several times — testified she resisted his advances, but didn’t speak out at first for fear of losing her job.


Carriere’s lawyer, meanwhile, wanted to know if the woman had called up an investigator to pursue the matter.


The witness replied “no”, and added that she was contacted by him.


She also wasn’t exactly sure who some of the other witnesses were.


She is expected to take the stand again today along with a police officer.