Carriere Found Not Guilty Of Sexual Assault

Thursday, February 16, 2006 at 15:15



A verdict has been handed down to a former high-ranking civil servant accused of assaulting four women.


56 year-old Murdoch Carriere sat quietly in the prisoner’s box while the judge read his verdict. For almost an hour, Chief Justice R.D. Lang described the reasons for his decision.


In the end, he found Carriere not guilty of sexually assaulting two women who worked under him at the Forest Fire Control Centre in Prince Albert.


The judge said he had difficulty accepting one woman’s evidence, due to inconsistencies in her testimony. In another instance, he didn’t believe Carriere had committed sexual assault at all.


However, the judge did find Carriere guilty of assaulting two other women. In both cases, the judge believed the women’s version of events as opposed to Carriere’s.