Canoe Lake Elders Concerned About Highway Closure

Wednesday, December 09, 2009 at 10:59



The provincial government says Hwy. 904 has been

temporarily closed due to safety concerns.


The old road is located north of Dorintosh and stretches up to Hwy. 903 in the province’s northwest.


The move to close Hwy. 904 has prompted outcries from some elders on the nearby Canoe Lake Cree Nation.


They are concerned because the road is used for fishing and hunting activities, as well as for gaining access to certain parts of the Primrose Lake air weapons range.


Highways spokeswoman Kirsten Leatherdale says the government is examining its options.


“We need to have that road closed for now, but we’re discussing some long-term future options with various groups right now. But for now, the road is closed,” Leatherdale says.


She says there are problems with the condition of the road and some bridges.