Candidate in By-Election Defends Eligibility

Friday, May 20, 2005 at 13:01



A Sandy Bay man who was the target of a road-block yesterday (Thursday) that forced the postponement of a PBCN by-election says the move was a smokescreen to something bigger.


Robert Ray says there is nothing to prevent him from re-running against David Caribou in the Sandy Bay by-election.


He feels the real reason why George Morin and others stopped the vote was politically motivated.


Yesterday Morin accused Ray of being the Chief of the Pierre Whitebear Cree Nation saying that should prevent him from running as a Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation councillor.


However Ray says the Pierre Whitebear band hasn’t even been formed yet and at this stage is more of an idea than a reality.


Ray says he briefly served as interim chief for the group, but isn’t anymore, and it doesn’t change the fact he is a full-fledged PBCN member and eligible to run.


He believes objections to his running and the roadblock may be a smokescreen for something bigger.


Ray feels the election should go ahead as planned and people who don’t reside in Sandy Bay shouldn’t be allowed to prevent it from happening.


He’s not sure where the situation will proceed from here but says the wishes of Sandy Bay residents should be respected.