Candidate Hoping to Appeal to Aboriginal Voters

Wednesday, October 29, 2003 at 13:21



A provincial election candidate in the new riding of Batoche is basing his campaign on a number of issues concerning Aboriginal voters.


Gordon Dumont of the New Green Alliance says, if elected, he will make it a priority to demand that the province return all lands seized from First Nations people in the transfer agreements of 1930.


Dumont also promises that if he’s elected, he will work to restore the sales tax exemption for off-reserve purchases made by First Nations people. As well, he promises to try to get a portion of resource royalty revenues set aside for Aboriginal people in the North.


Dumont knows these are tall orders, but insists nothing will be lost by trying.


Dumont also says Aboriginal people deserve a separate justice system of their own. He also feels a special inquiry should be held to examine the cases currently before the FSIN’s Special Investigations Unit.


Dumont says he has fought against injustices for the past 25 years, and believes he could offer residents of Batoche a lot if elected.