Campground Closed Over Tailings Contamination Risk

Wednesday, May 09, 2007 at 14:38



A recreational area in northeast Saskatchewan has been closed because of a public health risk.


Saskatchewan Environment has blocked access to the Hanson Lake Recreation Site over concerns about higher-than-normal residual heavy metals in the soil from an abandoned mine.


The mine used to produce lead, copper and zinc.


The department says lead, cadmium and arsenic have been detected in the area.


Northern medical health officer Dr. James Irvine says the health risk is low for people who have visited the campground over the years, unless they had a prolonged stay at the site or came into direct contact with the tailings area.


Anyone who is concerned about their potential exposure to the contaminants is being asked to contact a physician.


Meanwhile, Saskatchewan Environment spokesman Joe Muldoon says it’s unlikely that fish from Hanson Lake have been affected, but hunting game or birds in the area is not recommended.


Hanson Lake Cabins will remain open, but will provide an alternative boat launch access for the public.


The Hanson Lake Recreation Site is located just off Highway 106, about 65 kilometres west of Creighton.