Cameco Lands Court Order to Prevent Road Block

Friday, February 11, 2005 at 15:34



A spokesperson for Cameco says the mining company has secured an injunction against anyone trying to set up road-blocks on the highway to the McArthur River and Key Lake mine sites.


It was earlier this week that representatives of the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan announced they would be setting up blockades at the junction of highways 165 and 914 this afternoon.


The MNS says the move is necessary to get government and industry to realize they have a duty to consult with the MNS over any developments occurring on their land-claim area.


Meanwhile Cameco’s Lyle Krahn reports the company’s injunction-request was accepted late Thursday at Saskatoon Court of Queen’s bench – giving law officials the power to stop the road-block.


However, despite the court order, the MNS followed through with its plans and errected the blockade at 1:30pm. As of 2:30pm today (Friday) no arrests had been made.


Krahn says he knows some northerners are staunchly opposed to the road-block, but advises them to stand back and let the RCMP do its job.