Calvert Visits More West Side Communities

Thursday, June 16, 2005 at 15:08



The community of Dillon, including the Buffalo River Dene Nation, played host to Premier Lorne Calvert and his bus tour this morning.


Calvert took part in a meet-and-greet with local residents and leaders at the band office.


This afternoon, he is visiting Buffalo Narrows, La Loche and Turnor Lake.


While Calvert is fairly familiar with northern issues and concerns, he says the benefit of face-to-face meetings is something that can’t be duplicated in Regina.


Calvert is also getting a first-hand look at the state of northern highways on this trip, and admits there are plenty of rough spots.


Speaking prior to his arrival in Dillon, Calvert was anticipating a bumpy ride to that community.


He is expecting the road to Patuanak to be in rough shape, as well.


Still, says he’s looking forward to travelling on these roads, and believes it will be good for him and his colleagues to experience them firsthand.