Call To Suspend MN-S Executive Ignored By Province

Thursday, August 07, 2008 at 15:36



The provincial government says it still recognizes and will continue to work with the Metis Nation-Saskatchewan, despite attempts by the MN-S Senate to suspend the MN-S executive.


In a letter sent to the executive, the province, and the federal government in June, Senate Chair Gilbert Pelletier alleges the executive is in contravention of the MN-S Constitution by not including a woman and youth representative.


Pelletier says the executive has been working under an election act that ran out last October, and argues the MN-S legally reverted back to the MN-S Constitution once the act expired.


Pelletier also says there weren’t ballot boxes at all Metis communities in the last election.


First Nations and Metis Relations Acting Deputy Minister Ron Crowe says the issue is an internal matter, and the province will not comment nor will it get involved.


However, Crowe will say the province continues to recognize the current MN-S executive.


Crowe says the province has a good working relationship with the executive, and will continue to work with it while it resolves this internal matter.


MN-S President Robert Doucette has not been available for comment.