Call Made To Expand Aboriginal Education Grants

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 at 13:43



A report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives recommends expanding post-secondary assistance to Aboriginal students.


The centre released a list of recommendations yesterday, hoping to make universities in the province more accessible.


The study suggests that the government eliminate the two per cent annual cap on budget increases to the Post-Secondary Student Support Program, and that the program be expanded to include Metis and non-status Indians.


The report says that every eligible First Nations, Metis and Inuit learner should be able to obtain adequate funding.


Report author Paul Gingrich says Aboriginal enrolment levels have not been improving, and it’s time the government did something to change that.


Gingrich says there is a backlog of Aboriginal students that would like to go to university, but the funding isn’t available.


Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations Vice-Chief Lyle Whitefish says this isn’t the first time he or the government have heard recommendations like these ones.


Whitefish says the FSIN fully backs the recommendations for Aboriginal students, and agrees that there are many problems with the way the government deals with First Nations students.


He says it is up to Ottawa to accept the recommendations, but he doesn’t think any changes will come soon.