Call Made For Royal Commission On Oil Sands

Tuesday, April 08, 2008 at 15:43



A newly-formed group says the oil sands in northern Saskatchewan should not be developed until a Royal Commission studies the impact that development could have on lakes, rivers and animals.


The Keepers of the Water Saskatchewan was established during a meeting in Prince Albert this past weekend.


About 30 people attended the three-day gathering, including representatives from northern First Nations and environmental groups in Saskatoon.


The group says oil sands development in Alberta has ruined the environment there.


Prince Albert Grand Council Vice-Chief Don Deranger says no such development should be done here until First Nations are consulted and a Royal Commission holds hearings on the impact that development could have on the Athabasca River watershed.


Deranger says the impact is already being seen in Saskatchewan with reports of acid rain generated by Alberta’s oil sands.