Call Made for Different MNS Election Date

Thursday, January 15, 2004 at 14:35



The leader of a Metis local office in Prince Albert says she hopes officials with the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan can be persuaded to switch the date of the upcoming MNS election.


Darlene McKay says May 26th isn’t an especially good time to hold a vote, as it falls on a Wednesday — a day when most people are at work.


She feels a Saturday date would make more sense, as most people wouldn’t have to arrange for time away from work.


McKay also hopes to see a vote for the organization’s interim president at this weekend’s MNS assembly in Saskatoon, and not an appointment.


The MNS has stated in the past that it would make more sense financially to appoint an interim leader from within rather than to hold a costly vote. However, they need delegates at Saturday’s assembly to approve a constitutional amendment, which would pave the way for the Provincial Metis Council to appoint a new leader from within its own ranks.


Outgoing president Clem Chartier is currently holding down the position of president of the Metis National Council, but has to give up his MNS post before the end of the month.