Calendar Features Young Aboriginal Achievers

Thursday, November 26, 2009 at 12:05



Twelve young Aboriginal people from Saskatchewan who demonstrate healthy, responsible and productive lives are featured in the 2010 “A Proud Generation” Calendar.


The calendar highlights Aboriginal youth role models and the positive contributions they’ve made to their communities.


Tracey George is the founder of the calendar, which she has been publishing it since 2004.


George says this year’s edition showcases young Aboriginal youth whose successes have made them leaders.


She says the calendar serves to reinforce the positive things Aboriginal youth are doing in the province.


“The one thing I found was that many of the youth that were recipients of this acknowledgement — it opened doors to job opportunities. One girl became an ambassador. It just opened up doors for them, and allowed our Regina community, our Saskatchewan community, to be aware that yeah, we do have these good kids out there,” George says.


Award recipients were announced at the calendar’s launch in Regina last night.