Cabinet Minister Defends Previous Reports On FNUC

Friday, March 20, 2009 at 13:23



Saskatchewan’s Advanced Education Minister doesn’t agree with an assessment made earlier this week by FNUC board chair Clarence Bellegarde.


After meeting with a teacher’s association that has censured the university, Bellegarde announced the school was preparing to hire a governance expert to take another look at the FNUC’s operations.


Bellegarde also said it was necessary because the authors of two previous reports on the matter didn’t have the necessary expertise.


But Rob Norris says he has full confidence in the work done previously by an all chiefs task force and others.


Earlier this week, Norris released $100,000 in funding the province had been withholding from the FNUC, because the FSIN had recently assigned a sub-committee to examine the university’s governance.


Norris says the other $100,000 the province is holding on to will be given to the school once goverance changes are implemented.


He says the sub-committee’s work will be a blueprint for moving forward on the recommendations from the previous reports that recommend a smaller and depoliticized board at the FNUC.