Buffalo River Historical Places Project On Display

Thursday, January 20, 2005 at 13:23



Members of the Buffalo River Dene Nation will get a good look at their roots in a special presentation this afternoon.


A group of high school students has been working with a number of community elders on what’s being called the “Youth/Elders Historical Places Pilot Project”.


Essentially, the youth, with the help of the elders, have been documenting information related to four historical sites near the community.


The information will eventually be turned into a book that will be made available to local school children.


Today, the youth will provide an update to community members in the form of a presentation.


Project coodinator Gilbert Benjamin says the initiative not only provides a way for the youth and elders to connect with each other, it also allows the youth to find their true identity.


Benjamin encourages other northern communities to do historical places projects of their own.