Buffalo Narrows Lot Sale Survives Court Challenge

Friday, August 05, 2005 at 13:48



A business official in Buffalo Narrows says it’s unfortunate a development project for the community had to wind up in the courts.


Doug Eddy says he’s glad a judge dismissed a legal challenge from some angry residents about plans to sell over 60 cottage lots at Kiezie Point.


Those behind the injunction application wanted lot development halted until the village was more forthcoming about financial figures behind the proposal.


Eddy says the project is intended to benefit the area economically, especially when an expected road link to Fort McMurray is created.


He says he welcomes the chance to talk more with local residents about the idea, most of whom he believes are already behind it.


Eddy also notes that local residents will be given the first opportunity to buy the lots when they go on sale in early September.


Money from the sale is expected to be used to upgrade local infrastructure.