BTC Hopeful SIGA Makes Casino Call Without FSIN

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 at 15:27



A tribal council that’s been at odds with the FSIN appears to be pinning its hopes for a new casino on an uncertain relationship with SIGA.


The Battlefords Tribal Council wants to build a new gaming centre in North Battleford to replace the existing Gold Eagle Casino.


The BTC says it has the approval of city council, and the necessary financial resources.


BTC spokesman Wayne Semaganis says his group still has an agreement with SIGA.


Semaganis admits the two sides haven’t been in touch since his organization lost control of casino profits to a rival tribal council last year.


But he says his group’s strained relationship with the FSIN shouldn’t affect how SIGA deals with the BTC’s proposal.


SIGA officials refuse to comment about the situation.


FSIN Vice-Chief Morley Watson told the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix earlier this week that he won’t be influencing SIGA’s actions in this matter.