BTC Gets Property Option To Build New Homes

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 at 12:12



The Battlefords Tribal Council is looking at providing housing for low- and middle-income families in North Battleford.


Last night, North Battleford city council approved a deal which would see the tribal council take out an option for some property in the city.


The property works out to more than 300 50-ft. lots.


They would also have an opportunity to obtain about three acres of land for commercial development.


BTC would have first right of refusal on those propeties.


The agreement now goes back to BTC for ratification.


If it is ratified, the next step is to do a market analysis to be sure there is a market for the development.


City manager Jim Toye says there are lots of things to consider, including lot sizes, the density of the housing that would be required, any green areas that would be required, and whether any additional schools would be needed.


The properties BTC is interested in are located east and north of Sakewew High School.


Toye says the housing lots were originally planned back in 1910 or 1915. At that time, they were 25-ft. lots.