Breach of Trust Releases New Album

Thursday, November 04, 2004 at 14:10



The only rock band from northern Saskatchewan to sign with a major record label is out with its new album.


Breach of Trust’s self-titled album with EMI hit the store shelves a couple of days ago.


The band started getting some national and international attention with its first album, “Songs for Dying Nations” — which came out in 2001.


Frontman Marty Ballentyne admits they got a fair amount of publicity for being an all-Aboriginal hard rock band, and he says they will always be proud of their northern Saskatchewan roots.


Ballentyne says the band’s new album is more radio-friendly than their last release.


He also says the group has received word the video from their first single will start airing on MuchMusic next week.


The band is doing a show in Saskatoon tonight at Roxy’s, and Ballentyne says it will basically function as the group’s CD release party.


The band played in Winnipeg last night and just recently toured out east with the Tea Party.