Bottle Ban Opponents Want Answers From Cline

Tuesday, September 13, 2005 at 13:16



Liqour outlets in La Ronge want a meeting with Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Minister Eric Cline.


They are upset that they are no longer allowed to stock up on beer sold in glass bottles.


A beer bottle ban in the community took effect on September 1st.


La Ronge restaurant owner Dick Reed has asked local MLA Joan Beatty to arrange a meeting with Cline in the near future.


Reed says because town council is refusing to budge on this issue, outlets like his hope Cline will be willing to intervene and shed some light on the SLGA policy that led to the bottle ban.


Reed maintains he hasn’t been able to get a straight answer on why northern municipalities can pass a motion for an outright ban, but southern municipalities can’t.


He says possible legal action on the issue will wait until after they hear what Cline has to say, but he feels his side would have a good case in court.


Reed also claims hundreds of people in La Ronge have signed a petition calling for the bottle ban to be halted or at least amended.