Blasting May Have Triggered Cigar Lake Flooding

Wednesday, April 25, 2007 at 14:58



A published report says underground blasting by Cameco workers may have been responsible for last fall’s flooding at the Cigar Lake uranium mine — not merely a “rockfall” as originally reported by the company.


Bloomberg News is citing Canadian government records and officials in its report.


It also says Cameco couldn’t control the water inflow on October 23rd because it didn’t follow through with repeated promises to install more underground pumps.


Cameco spokesman Lyle Krahn says the company decided some time ago not to release new findings into the mishap as they emerged, but to announce the results of its own investigation once it is complete.


Krahn anticipates the company will have lots to say about the issue a few weeks from now.


The flooding is expected to delay production at Cigar Lake for three years.


The spot price for uranium has soared since the mishap because of an anticipated shortfall in supply.