Belanger Staying Out of Fish Plant Equity Talks

Thursday, January 08, 2004 at 13:49



The province’s Northern Affairs minister is urging commercial fishers to be patient through what is proving to be some tough equity negotiations with a government agency.


The fishers want Investment Saskatchewan, which is a subsidiary of the Crown Investments Corporation, to provide 700-thousand dollars in capital funding for a long-awaited fish processing plant in Prince Albert.


Investment Saskatchewan turned down the initial request for funding, mainly because fishers are opposed to allowing Investment Saskatchewan to co-manage the new plant.


Buckley Belanger says fishers need to understand that this negotiation process is necessary to make sure the government makes a sound investment.


Belanger also says fishers should at least consider Investment Saskatchewan’s proposal of a joint venture co-op.


Belanger says he hasn’t talked directly with either side in these talks, but is confident the fishers are able to handle these negotiations without his intervention.