Beauval Man Fined for Illegal Fish Marketing

Wednesday, September 15, 2004 at 15:07



A recent case of illegal fish marketing in the North is being used as a warning by Saskatchewan Environment.


It was during the last few days of August that a Beauval man pleaded guilty in provincial court to illegally marketing nearly two hundred pounds of pickerel fillets.


Dwayne Buffin received over 25-hundred dollars in fines — while another man faces similar charges in the same case.


Gary Herson is the investigations manager for Saskatchewan Environment. He says there was no indication Buffin was planning to sell the fish off to restaurants or any other big commercial buyers.


Still, he says even if the fish was intended only for private sales, this kind of activity can’t be tolerated.


He notes lax rules in Alberta some years back created a mess that is still being felt to this day.


Herson says fines as high as 100-thousand dollars can be slapped down on anyone caught selling fish illegally.


He hopes this case sends a message to any other fishers hoping to cash in on some quick sales.