Beauval Forestry Firm Planning To Buy Another Mill

Thursday, February 01, 2007 at 13:03



The general manager of a sawmill in Glaslyn says he’s excited about a recent business arrangement between his company and one in Beauval.


It was announced yesterday that Beauval Forest Industries will be taking over L&M Wood Products, as soon as regulatory approval is given.


Zane Delainey of L&M says the deal won’t change too much at his end, but he’s looking forward to the increased timber the merger will provide.


The deal has been nine months in the making.


Meanwhile, Beauval Forest Industries chairman Joe Daigneault says the merged operations should give more incentive for local residents to invest in harvesting and log hauling opportunities.


Daigneault also says the post plant operations and construction of a sawmill in Beauval will continue this year.


BFI is jointly-owned by several Metis communities in northwest Saskatchewan.