Beauval Forest Industries Gets Financing In Place

Friday, December 02, 2005 at 15:17



A new forestry company based in Beauval has announced it has arranged complete financing for the construction of a post plant facility, site development and winter harvesting operations.


Beauval Forest Industries has access to 200,000 cubic metres of small diameter Jack Pine each year.


The company says harvesting operations have already started, and it will work with the seven northwest communities that own the operation to identify resident contractors.


BFI will construct post operations this winter, with a small log sawmill slated to be built in the late spring of next year.


Post equipment has been purchased from an operation in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. BFI has also bought a complete post merchandizing, peeling/dowelling and post-sorting operation from a company in Oregon.


Company officials estimate between 60 and 80 workers will be required for the harvesting and haul operations this winter. Another 10 to 12 workers will be employed at the post and log yard operation.