Beaucage Officially In Race For National Chief

Tuesday, February 03, 2009 at 14:54



The leadership race for the Assembly of First Nations has another contestant.


As expected, Ontario tribal chief John Beaucage has officially announced his candidacy for the national chief’s position in the July election.


Beaucage is a self-described economist who says he wants to bring change to the AFN’s mandate.


He says the assembly needs to adopt a rights-based agenda and assert a renewed jurisdiction towards self-determination.


At a news conference in Ottawa this morning, he outlined a 10-point plan for policy reform at the AFN.


Some of his ideas include a commitment to transparency at the AFN, an overhaul of First Nations health services and a commitment to protect the environment.


So far, former FSIN chief Perry Bellegarde is the only other person in the campaign.


It’s not known whether current National Chief Phil Fontaine will seek another term.