Battlefords Tribal Council Falling Apart

Friday, June 17, 2005 at 13:46



A member of the Sweetgrass First Nation says she’s happy the band is leaving the Battlefords Tribal Council.


Doreen Pooyak helped lead a protest against the BTC last year, after the tribal council replaced the board of directors at its Family Services wing.


Last week at the FSIN legislative assembly, Sweetgrass Chief Rod Atcheynum announced his band would be leaving to form their own group.


Pooyak claims many people in her community had lost faith in the BTC’s financial offerings, adding the departure just makes good sense.


Pooyak says a new group could also offer a better chance of success for band members who wish to launch personal businesses.


The Mosquito First Nation is reportedly preparing to leave the BTC, as well.


That will leave the tribal council with only three member First Nations.