BATC Invites Public Feedback On Casino Cash

Friday, September 28, 2007 at 13:17



The Battlefords Agency Tribal Chiefs is hosting a meeting next week where it will unveil the mandate for its community development corporation.


Marketing manager Ali St. Martin says everyone in the Battlefords region is invited to attend.


She says the group, which is preparing to seize control of Gold Eagle Casino profits by Sunday, wants to hear suggestions from non-profit organizations on how best to spend the money.


The group came into existence this spring after some bands that used to belong to the Battlefords Tribal Council broke away to form their own organization.


The BATC was eventually designated by the FSIN as the recepient of casino money in that area.


The move prompted legal action by the BTC, which used to oversee the disbursement of casino funds — but the lawsuit was dismissed by a judge earlier this week.


Next week’s meeting is set for Thursday and is open to everyone in the area.