Bands Without Land Suffer Setback

Tuesday, December 09, 2008 at 14:57



Two Saskatchewan First Nations chiefs say despite a recent setback they will continue to fight for land they feel was unjustly taken from their people.


On October 8th, Indian Affairs sent letters to the Peter Chapman and Chakastaypasin First Nations, notifying them their requests for reserves were being denied.


The bands contend their land was unfairly taken from them several decades ago.


The lawyer for the two bands, Bill Sellness, says Ottawa’s reasoning for rejecting the two bands is wrong.


He says Peter Chapman never volunteered to give up its land. Rather, he contends it was the idea of certain federal officials.


He also argues the government is going backwards with Chakastaypasin by refusing to negotiate, even after it said it would 10 years ago.


Chakastaypasin Chief Calvin Sanderson says he will explore options through the government’s new land claims legislation.


Failing that, he will take the matter to court.


Peter Chapman Chief Gerald Whitehead says his band will likely go to court.


No one from Indian Affairs has been available for comment.