Band Feeling Overlooked And Misunderstood

Monday, April 06, 2009 at 14:31



The chief of a band fighting for recognition in the Cumberland House region says despite recent comments by government officials, his group is not looking for money.


John Dorion of the John Cochrane First Nation says all his band wants is to be recognized like other First Nations.


The provincial government recently announced it was giving cash to the Cumberland House Cree Nation and an area Metis local to map traditional land in the region.


Dorion say he is concerned, because his band wasn’t consulted about the move — nor was it offered a role in the mapping itself.


He explains the government seems to be under the impression his band had applied for funding in relation to the issue.


However, he stresses this isn’t the case.


Rather, he says all they want is to be consulted and included in the process.


Dorion says he is concerned his band’s traditional territory could get lost in the mapping process if it is not included.


He adds the band’s lawyer has submitted three volumes of documentation to the government — so he believes it has all the information it needs to grant his group’s wishes.