Band Criticized for Silence on Tax Rebate Option

Friday, August 20, 2004 at 14:47



A protester in Pelican Narrows says she wishes the band would have made more effort to inform residents of the options open to them regarding the gas and tobacco tax settlement money.


Eileen Linklater says she has filed a 40-thousand-dollar claim against the provincial government for losses her business incurred from the tax while it was being enforced on reserves.


Linklater says according to documents she has in her possession, the government held 700-thousand dollars in reserve for residents wishing to file additional claims.


It was to be held for a 100-day period, beginning May 1st.


Now that the deadline has expired, the rest of the money has been directed to the band administration.


Linklater says she can’t understand why the band wouldn’t have alerted residents to the fact they could have received more dollars.