AUCC Places First Nations University On Probation

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 at 12:52



The First Nations University of Canada has officially been placed on probation by a regulatory body.


The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada has given the FNUC one year to clean up its act.


The university has been plagued by allegations of political interference and suppression of academic freedom for the last two years.


The school’s reputation has also been tarnished by numerous dismissals, resignations and suspensions of staff over that same time period.


Today, the regulatory body for universities released four resolutions regarding the FNUC and its standard of governance.


It has placed the FNUC on probation until the school resolves “certain governance issues” that are of concern to the AUCC.


If these issues aren’t resolved by March 15th, 2008, the AUCC board will recommend to its membership that the FNUC be stripped of its standing in the national body.


The other two resolutions state that in no way should the probationary status jeopardize the academic relationship the FNUC has with the University of Regina or prevent the school from receiving provincial or federal funding.


The AUCC says it is hopeful that the governance issues can be resolved and the school is returned to full standing as soon as possible.


The regulatory body also says it respects the FNUC’s uniqueness, but adds that at the heart of its decision was the desire to protect the university’s autonomy from political intervention – particularly at the board level.


FNUC officials weren’t immediately available for comment.