Atlantic First Nations Chiefs Want Apology

Monday, March 26, 2007 at 15:20



Atlantic First Nations chiefs want an apology from Prime Minister Stephen Harper for abuse suffered by native children sent to Indian Residential Schools between the 1870’s and the 1970’s.


Assembly of First Nations Vice Chief Rick Simon says the federal government has apologized to Maher Arar and to Japanese and Chinese Canadians for wrongs of the past.


He says an apology to First Nations people is overdue.


Tens of thousands of native children were taken from their families to attend the schools, and many were physically and sexually abused, and say they were deprived of their culture.


Chief Lawrence Paul, co-chair of the Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs, questions how people are supposed to heal when the country’s political leader won’t acknowledge the wrongdoings.


Chief Noah Augustine of New Brunswick’s Redbank Reserve says the apology must be made soon, because survivors are dying at a rate of three to five per day in Canada.


A financial settlement was reached earlier this year, but former students say they need an apology as part of their healing process.


Courtesy of Broadcast News.