Art Exhibit Examines Metis Identity

Monday, October 03, 2005 at 12:46



A new exhibit at the Art Gallery of Prince Albert should catch the attention of Metis viewers.


Metis artist David Garneau’s dipiction of the struggle to find a Metis identity opens today.


The exhibit is entitled, “Cowboys and Indians (and Metis?)”.


Gallery educator Sandra Herron says Garneau’s work looks at how Metis often find themselves caught between the dominant and First Nations cultures.


Herron says in conjunction with Garneau’s exhibit, a second Metis-themed display is now open for public viewing.


Junior Metis artist Michel Boutin’s exhibition analyzes issues surrounding the rediscovery of his Metis heritage.


Herron says both displays will be open to the public for free viewing daily until the end of November.