AREVA Looking Ahead to Hearings in La Ronge

Tuesday, June 01, 2004 at 15:57



This is Saskatchewan Mining Week, but the province’s biggest uranium companies are looking ahead to next week.


That’s when the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission will be in La Ronge to hold a couple of public hearings.


One surrounds the licence application from AREVA to decommission Cluff Lake, the other will deal with Cameco’s application for a construction licence for the long-awaited Cigar Lake operation.


These kinds of hearings are rarely held outside Ottawa, and AREVA’s John Tozney says they will present a golden opportunity for northerners to get directly involved in the inner workings of the industry.


Even though AREVA is optimistic it will be granted the licence to decommission Cluff Lake, Tozney says the company is not taking anything for granted going into next week’s hearing.


Tozney expects AREVA to get the green light to start decommissioning late this summer.