Anti-Gangs Rally Draws 60 Marchers

Thursday, November 15, 2007 at 15:01



Some Saskatoon residents took to the streets yesterday to reclaim their neighbourhood.


Around 60 people marched down 20th Street, chanting that they want an end to gang violence in the area.


Shirley Disaine walked in support of her son, who organized the event called “E.N.U.F.” — which is short for “Empowering Neighbourhoods and Uniting the Future”.


Disaine says the streets aren’t safe to walk, noting a person can’t walk in the “Alphabet” in the Pleasant Hill area without being harassed.


Four Saskatoon city councillors attended the event, as well as FSIN Vice-Chief Guy Lonechild.


Lonechild says he is impressed with the initiative, and the fact that many young people were participating.


He says leaders need to look at addressing issues like poverty and addictions that lead to violence.


Marlene, who didn’t want to give her last name, works with families at St. Mary’s Community School in Saskatoon’s inner city.


She says she came to the march because she sees people struggling with issues like addictions every day — and she wants them to know people like her care.


She hopes people will stand together to make the neighbourhood safer.