All-Weather Road Work Still Eight Months Away

Thursday, April 13, 2006 at 13:21



A spokeswoman for Saskatchewan Highways says work will begin on the much-anticipated all-weather road network in the Far North this December.


Kirsten Leatherdale says Wollaston Lake will be the first community to receive attention, and it will eventually see link them up with the rest of the province year round.


She says the proposed road will be 110 kilometres in length and will run from the community to Highway 905, approximately 82 kilometres south of Hidden Bay.


Leatherdale says this year’s work will include clearing the right-of-way and locating the centre-line for the new road.


She notes $8.5 million will go towards northern infrastructure this year as part of the government’s “Roads To Prosperity” initiative.


However, Leatherdale points out much of the focus will be centred on the Garson Lake Road project.