All La Ronge Band Members To Receive Rebate Cheque

Tuesday, July 20, 2004 at 17:22



The Lac La Ronge Indian Band has wrapped up its surveying efforts on how to split a 4-million dollar fuel and tobacco tax settlement.


Band spokesman Kevin Roberts says of the over 11-hundred band members surveyed, 70-percent supported dividing the money equally amongst all band members.


The questionnaire was deemed necessary when band lawyers raised the legal issue of whether members under the age of 16 should qualify for a gas and tobacco tax rebate.


The survey also asked member in La Ronge if each band member should receive the same amount and if some of the money should be set aside for community development.


The Band will respect the wishes of its members and issue a cheque to each individual with each member expected to receive no more than 460 dollars.


Band members from Grandmother’s Bay and Stanley Mission have all ready received their payments.


Cheques will be distrubted to on and off reserve members in La Ronge at Bell’s Point Elementary school all-day Thursday (July 22nd) as well as Friday (July 23rd) morning.


Roberts says the La Ronge area payments are being divided among 22-hundred on-and off reserve members.

For payments to minors, Roberts notes a declaration form or proof of guardianship will be required in situations where a child doesn’t reside with either or both of their parents.