Alberta Residents Buying Up Land on West Side

Tuesday, March 23, 2004 at 15:08



Recent interest by Fort McMurray residents into real estate in Buffalo Narrows has the mayor of the northern village smiling.


Bobby Woods says a little less than half of 46 recently-developed lots have been purchased by Alberta buyers who are anxious to take advantage of the nearby location and scenic locale.


Woods says the lots are selling for 8 to 10 thousand dollars each, which also makes them very appealing to Fort McMurrary workers who would expect to pay about ten times that for something west of the Saskatchewan border.


Woods adds recent talk of a road being built that would connect Fort McMurray with La Loche is another big reason behind the sudden interest.


It is hoped that construction of the Fort McMurray link will begin as soon as next year and be finished by 2006.


Woods is hopeful many of the lot buyers from Fort McMurray will decide to settle down in Buffalo Narrows once they move there.