Airline Responds To Report Into Fatal Plane Crash

Thursday, October 15, 2009 at 14:14



Transwest Air says it has already implemented all of the recommendations made by the Transportation Safety Board.


Yesterday, the TSB released findings from its investigation into a 2007 plane crash near Sandy Bay that left one pilot dead.


Transwest Air managing partner Jim Glass says changes were made to company policies immediately following the accident and have been in place for more than two years.


Glass says Transwest Air has increased training, tightened up its interview process and made documentation more thorough.


The TSB investigator says the less-experienced pilot should not have been flying, and that the crew did not perform an on-ground assessment of the plane prior to take off — forcing them to make decisions on the fly.


The investigator also said the crew should have flown past or circled the runway to get a visual of it first.


The TSB wants flight crews to be trained to work together better and to use all available tools to make the right decisions under pressure.